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Host a Gold Party
Let us host a Gold Party
Provides friends a safe and secure way to sell their unwanted and broken jewelry for cash and make money with little effort, time commitment and hassle.   The added benefit and security of a gold party anchored by a licensed, insured, brick-and-mortar Dealer in Precious Metals. And you have fun!!!!
Here's what you can earn:
10% of the total gold purchases from the party.
$50 towards refreshments
The appreciation of your friends by providing them great service.
You also get cash for referrals. Anybody who books a Gold Party off your party gets you 3% of their party!
What is a gold party?
To put it simply, invites bring in anything that’s made of gold, silver or platinum that they don’t want anymore and our professionals will sort through and appraise each item and make them an offer. They can either turn it down, or walk away with money in their hand. The host of the party receives a money incentive to host the party. This is a new form of the old Tupperware parties, the only difference being is that instead of spending money, you can go home with more money then you came to the party with.
How it works:
At your gold party, guests simply bring their old or unwanted jewelry to the party and guests receive instant payments. You'll be amazed by how much money your party can raise in just one evening by selling old jewelry that guests have had lying around their house for years that they never wear!
Invite a group to sell their unwanted gold jewelry, put out some refreshments and help entertain your guests while they get paid on the spot.   Guests leave happy and you earn 10% of the total gold purchases from party.
We've had Gold Parties that generated $1,000 in commission for our hosts!
Main Line Precious Metals makes gold parties simple.
Our professionally trained gold buyers provide you with invitations and come to your party prepared to buy all the gold you and your friends want to sell — plus you're reimbursed up to $50 for refreshments!*
The Gold Market and Daily Rates
We base our rates on the current gold market for that day. Here is an example: Let’s imagine that gold is $865 per ounce on Tuesday and your party is on Wednesday. On Wednesday, gold closed at $872 per ounce. Your rate would be based on $872 per ounce. This price is based on 100% pure gold. Since most customers do not have 24k or pure gold to sell, a formula is used to breakdown the daily rate, which allows us to offer you the best possible price for 10k, 14, or 18k gold.
Safe, Secure Parties and Payment Methods
Our parties are safe. We take special care to operate carefully for our security and the security of you and your guests. One safety measure involves payment. In addition to cash, we bring corporate checks issued through Wachovia Bank, a member FDIC
Honesty Outshines Gold
Rest assured that we are honest and compassionate. At each party, we meet at least one customer with sentimental pieces. It might be a cross given by grandfather, a war medal from a beloved brother or the locket mother wore every day.   Gold pieces that are treasured, sentimental or heirloom are worth far more than the scrap value shown on the scale. Out of respect, we counsel these customers to reconsider selling their most precious of items.   All customers are treated with the same respect and rates, too. It’s what we would expect if we went to sell gold and what we demand for our valued customers.
When you sell gold or other precious metal to Main Line Precious Metals, you are protected by our “Gold Guarantee of Satisfaction”, so there is never any risk to you.
If anytime
Alternatives to Scrap and Meltdown
Main Line Precious Metals also sells on eBay and in various auctions. We employ these resources for the resale of special items with exceptional value or character.
Gold Goes Green at Main Line Precious Metals
We are very green. Everything we buy is completely recycled in some form or fashion. Most of the old and broken jewelry we purchase is melted down and transformed into new and incredible designs. The recycling of jewelry is good for the environment and good for us, too. Why? By recycling precious metals, we do not have to extract gold from the ground to produce new jewelry.
Licensure and the Law
We are licensed by the State of Pennsylvania under the Precious Metals Act of 1981. We abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
What to Expect At a Gold Party
Combine skyrocketing gold prices and an economic recession and you have the perfect recipe for the country's latest craze - gold parties! Main Line Precious Metals is now offering home based gold parties where gold and other jewelry can be bought and sold. During a gold party one of our professionals will assess each item brought by guest to the party to determine the quality of the gold. The quality of items is defined by karat, such as 10k, 14k, or 18k, and weight. Gold, silver, and platinum can all be brought to the party and pieces may be broken, old, unwanted, or unused. Other items we buy are Silver coins, watches, diamonds, and Sterling Silver flatware and platinum items.
When our Gold Professional arrives a gold analysis station is usually set up in a private environment away from the rest of the party. The broker will not disclose the payment results to anyone but the recipient of the payment leaving the sharing of information up to the individual. Usually one person at a time will sit with the broker as their jewelry is being assessed. The broker may remove gems from the jewelry to test the gold purity of each item. A bid on the jewelry will be made based on the fineness and weight of the gold. If you accept the jeweler's offer you simply sign an acceptance form and are paid in cash or by check on the spot. Any gems removed from the jewelry or any unaccepted jewelry is returned to you. The assessment usually takes less than 20 minutes per guest.
Q. What Do You Buy At Gold Parties?
You'd be amazed at how many of your friends have old jewelry lying around the house they never use and no longer want. Regardless of age or condition, we purchase all items made from gold, platinum or silver. We buy:
            10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or 24k Gold Jewelry
            Damaged or Scrap Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Watches, and Rings
            Sterling Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Scrap Gold Items and more!
Q. Will I Receive A Referral Fee If One Of My Guests Wants To Have A Gold Party?
Yes, and it happens all the time! If one or more of the guests at your party wants to host their own Gold Party, you will receive 3% of everything purchased at their party!
Q. How Long Does A Gold Party Last?
Generally speaking, a gold party lasts about 2 hours.
Q. When Does The Host Get Paid?
You are paid the very evening of your event. At the end of the party, we will count up all jewelry purchased and the host receives 10%!
Q. Who Should I Invite To My Gold Party?
Invite friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else you like! Keep in mind the more people that come and sell their gold, the more you make! You'd be surprised how many of your friends have old, broken, or unwanted jewelry that they never wear and will be thrilled to be able to sell in a friendly and comfortable environment!

Q. What If One Of My Guests Is Not Satisfied With Their Payout Offer?
There is never any obligation to sell! Main Line Precious Metals Gold Parties pays more than pawn shops, internet companies or jewelry stores, however if a guest is not happy with their payout offer there is never any pressure to sell!

Q. How Do You Test For Gold?
Our professional gold assayers will bring a gold testing kit to your party. We've found that for guests, watching the process of testing their gold can be half the fun!
Q. How Much Will It Cost Me To Host A Gold Party?
Absolutely nothing!
For our hosts it's as simple as setting a time and place for the party, determining the guest list, and then letting us handle the rest!

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